Felicia Knowles M.D.

Knowles M.D. has been serving the Memphis and Germantown community for over 15 years. We provide comprehensive neuro-behavioral evaluations including medical history and physical examination, followed by research-based recommendations and interventions treating a whole range of conditions and disorders.


Our approach is to provide a specialized and well-rounded in-house team of experts to address your child’s needs.


Academic achievement occurs as reading and concentration skills improve. Improved self-esteem often results in improved behavior.


Individualized programs enable students to progress at their own rate while receiving immediate feedback and reinforcement.

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The highest standard of Care

Our medical staff provides one of the most comprehensive evaluations found in the Mid-South.


Knowles M.D.

<h2>Genetic Testing</h2>

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing provide information about a person’s genes and chromosomes based on blood and other tissue to find genetic disorders.

<h3>Psychological Evaluations</h3>

Psychological Evaluations

Testing for behavior, personality, and capabilities to draw conclusions using combinations of techniques.



Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, and Social Skills Therapy based on a caring relationship between a mental health professional and a patient.



Seek to help students master a subject, brain training purports to enhance comprehension and the ability to analyze and manipulate concepts, images, sounds and instructions.

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