Dr. Felicia Knowles M.D. provides a comprehensive neuro-behavioral evaluation including a medical history and physical examination, followed by research-based recommendations and interventions. We specialize in diagnosing and treating ADHD, Autism spectrum conditions, and other neuro-behavioral disorders.


Our physicians have been helping the Memphis and Germantown community live better for over 14 years. We have an exceptionally trained medical staff, licensed social workers and psychological examiners, and thus believe in addressing our clients as a whole. Our medical staff provides one of the most comprehensive evaluations found in the Mid-South.

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Our patients describe our facility as thorough and personable. We know that dealing with exceptional children may be challenging. We have helped parents advocate for their children’s rights as well as learn parenting techniques that simply make life better.

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We analyze your needs carefully

If your teacher or pediatrician has recommended further evaluation of inattention, poor impulse control, problems remembering new information or getting organized, then this is the right place.

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We use best practices

We follow the most current treatment guidelines and are able to discuss FDA approved treatments as well as complementary options.

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